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Video: Welcome to Ethiopian Airlines’ Dreamliner 787

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Now, you can;

* Experience an amazing cabin ambience from the LED lighting
* Enjoy the “lie-flat” bed which offers you comfort while you sleep on long flights
* Have the benefit(s) of a window seat, irrespective of your seat number
* Enjoy ample overhead hand luggage storage
* Savour a variety of menu options while you are attended to by the most gorgeous, service oriented and professional set of cabin crews
* Enjoy a cabin temperature which leaves you feeling refreshed after disembarking
* Enjoy more leg room; even in Economy class
* Access flight info, monitor flight progress, watch preferred movies, shows, listen to music, charge your devices, etc. using a personal seat back screen
* Absolutely fly to your destination – no matter how far – in style, comfort and at the most competitive fares.

Another set of reasons why you should discover the world the Ethiopian way.



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