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Preferred Airlines of the 21st Century: The Ethiopian Experience (Part 1)

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Ethiopian airlines  Preferred Airlines of the 21st Century: The Ethiopian Experience (Part 1) Ethiopian airlines 1
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Excellence in rendering customer service to tourists in contemporary times has gotten even more complicated, considering the diversity in the cultures a potential service provider will be faced with.

The emphasis on excellence in service delivery is especially stringent when the service provider is operating in the aviation industry, not only because of the high standards expected but the exceptional attention to detail required.

Expedition Trek sampled the views of high-end persons who fly or have flown multiple air carriers to various international destinations on their expectations before emplaning, as well as their experiences upon disembarking and Ethiopian Airlines – Africa’s largest Airline Group – received positive mention by 75% of respondents.

That noted, Expedition Trek (ExTrek) dug a bit deeper into the respondents’ experiences and provides in this piece, insights about Ethiopian Airlines – SKYTRAX World Airline Award for The Best Airlines in Africa 2017 – which may otherwise not have been familiar to many more air travelers, recounting the experience of Nompilo Uthi, a branding and advertising expert of South African descent, who flew from Accra to Johannesburg with Ethiopian Airlines ; her experience pretty much represents an aggregation of the views of the respondents who spoke highly of Ethiopian Airlines (Bombardier Aerospace’s 2016 Airline Reliability Performance Award winner).


Nompilo recounted with relish, the high level of professionalism Ethiopian Airlines flight crews displayed from the Kotoka International Airport, through Bole International Airport to O. R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg.

Fondly, she cited an instance when a female flight attendant went to the aid of a young mother, whose son started exhibiting signs of uneasiness shortly after the aircraft had jettisoned into the skies and was about stabilizing at the required altitude.

Ethiopian airlines air hostess"  Preferred Airlines of the 21st Century: The Ethiopian Experience (Part 1) IMG 20170720 WA0001

Ethiopian airlines air hostess”

Nompilo was particularly impressed by the skill with which the flight attendant sized up the passenger, thus helping her form a better judgement of how to deal with the situation.

Miss Uthi recalls that the flight crew were genuinely patient, friendly, and exhibited high levels of competence.


“My back was relaxed and my feet felt at ease all through the flight. At a point, I forgot I was thousands of miles away from home and flying at thousands of feet above sea level. I kept switching my stare from my personal screen in front of me to the female flight attendants who looked immaculate, draped in their traditional Ethiopian garments.

“The in-flight cuisine was fresh and well packaged. While the flight attendants offered the kind of hospitality one would easily rate as 5-star, the confident and assuring voices of the pilots, pretty much were in constant communication with us passengers.

“Had I known or been hinted earlier about the exceptional service delivery of this airline – referring to the multiple award-winning Ethiopian Airlines, which was recently named the “Airline of the Year” in China – I’d have earned more Sheba Miles”, she giggles.

The well-traveled advertising and branding executive intimated spoke very highly of the check-in, ground crew, ground service, luggage tags and pick-up, phone services, safety cards, transit arrangements and several others which will be carried in the second part of this publication.

ExTrek will offer its verdict on the total package Ethiopian Airlines offers its passengers at the end of the review, but so far, they – Ethiopian – seem to be making a real case in the race for the preferred air carrier of the 21st century.




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